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sábado, 7 de novembro de 2015


This is Ska! #20

01.Al T Joe - Jacqueline
02.Al T Joe - Stop Look And Listen
03.Alton & Eddy - Let Me Dream
04.Azie Lawrence - Palm Of Victory
05.Beans - Crazy Dogs
06.Blues Busters - Behold
07.Blues Busters - Little Vilma
08.Blues Busters - Lost My Baby
09.Bobby Aitken - Crackers Rush
10.Byron Lee & The Dragonaries - Dumplins
11.Byron Lee & The Dragonaries - Mash Mr Lee
12.Chuck & Dobby - Sitting Square
13.Derrick & Patsy - Gipsy Woman
14.Derrick & Patsy - Give Me Back (My Dough)
15.Derrick Morgan - Cherry Home
16.Derrick Morgan - I Pray For You
17.Derrick Morgan - Please Don't Talk About Me
18.Derrick Morgan - The Hop
19.Duke Reid & His Group - What Makes Money
20.Ernest Ranglin Orchestra - Mitty Gritty
21.Hi Tones - I'm In Love With You
22.Higgs & Wilson - Sha Ba Da
23.Jimmy Cliff - Dearest Beverly
24.Jimmy Cliff - Miss Jamaica
25.Jiving Juniors - Slop 'N' Mash


2 Tone Generator #30

01.The Rough Kutz - Friday Night
02.The Rough Kutz - Johnny Too Bad
03.Skallaper - Everyday Is the Best

04.Skallaper - Go Along
05.The Talks - Radio
06.The Talks - Tear Us Apart
07.T-killas - Dance With Somebody
08.T-killas - Another Revolution
09.Phoenix City All-Stars - Paint It Black
10.Phoenix City All-Stars - Love In Vain
11.The Amphetameanies - Ghost Bus
12.The Amphetameanies - Bedroom Holiday
13.Rude Boy - Detroit Ska City
14.Rude Boy - Out Of My Head
15.The Skanxters - King Arfur
16.The Skanxters - Stupid Place To Be
17.Bad Manners - The Man Who Told The World
18.Bad Manners - Turning Japanese
19.Bad Manners - Al Capone

quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2015


Ska-Core #01

01.NH3 - Vento Resistente Feat. Dema (Talco)
02.NH3 - Against Racism Feat. Enrico (Los Fastidios) & Il Duca (Redska)

03.NH3 - Rude Love Feat. De Veggent (Redska)
04.The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Kinder Words
05.The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - 365 Days
06.Rabia Proletaria - Luchamos Contra el Poder

07.Rabia Proletaria - Hijo de Puta
08.Streetlight Manifesto - That'll Be The Day
09.Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Went Numb
10.Traquenard - Le Bidasse
11.Traquenard - L'Amoureux
12.La Mojiganga - Maldito País
13.La Mojiganga - Afán De Fama
14.Sekta Core - Sistema
15.Sekta Core - Cool Cats
16.8º6 Crew - Un Role A Jouer
17.8º6 Crew - Working Class Heroes
18.Voodoo Glow Skulls - Lanzar La Luna
19.Voodoo Glow Skulls - Monstruo Del Gabinete
20.Talco - La Sedia Vuota