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quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2017

terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2017

Rocksteady Fever S04E03

Rocksteady Fever

Rocksteady Fever - Podcast

Rocksteady Fever 

00.Jingle - Rocksteady Fever
01.The Paragons - Riding High On A Windy Day
02.Johhny Moore & The Supersonics - Sound and Soul
03.The Gaylads - I Don't Care
04.The Mighty Vikings - Love Me Forever
05.The Rulers - Be Mine
06.Derrick Morgan - Greedy Gal
07.Carl Dawkins - Satisfaction
08.The Bassies - River Jordan
09.Derrick Harriott - The Loser
10.The Paragons - Wear You To The Ball
11.The Groovers - You've Got to Cry
12.Roland Alphonso & Beverlys All Stars - Halls of Montezuma
13.Eric Monty Morris - Think Twice (aka Last Laugh)
14.Charlie Kelly - So Nice Like Rice
15.The Tennors - Gee Whizz
16.Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Sweet Music
17.Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Here I Stand
18.Errol Dunkley - You're Gonna Need Me
19.The Heptones - A Change In Time
20.The Emotions - Go And Cry
21.Johnny & The Attractions - Young Wings Can Fly
22.The Tartans - It's Alright
23.Henry III - With a Girl Like You

link: S04E01

00.Jingle - Rocksteady Fever
01.Lyn Tait & The Jets - To Sir With Love
02.Slim Smith & Norman Frazier - Do You Love Me
03.George Dekker - You're Treating Me Bad
04.The Upsetters - Temptation
05.Wailing Souls - Pack Up
06.Phyllis Dillon - Don't Touch Me Tomato
07.The Progressions - Fair Deal
08.The Jamaicans - Ba Ba Boom
09.Paulette & The Lovers - Please Stay
10.Derrick Morgan - Conquering Ruler
11.Barrington Spence - Contemplating Mind
12.Noel Bunny Brown & The Wildcats - The Rock Steady
13.Hazel & The Jolly Boys - Deep Down
14.The Uniques - People Rocksteady
15.The Three Tops - Miserable Day
16.Evan & Jerry - You've Got Something
17.The Termites - Shake It Up
18.The Silvertones - Whoo Baby
19.Pete Young - If You Got Soul
20.Johnny & The Attractions - Coming On The Scene
21.Hopeton Lewis & Glen Brown - Skinny Leg Girl
22.The Soul Agents - For Your Education

link: S04E02

segunda-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2017

This is Ska! #S03E03

22H - 23H

This is Ska! - Podcast #S03E01 & S03E02



00.Jingle - This is Ska!
01.The Riots - Yeah Yeah

02.Sir Collins & The Black Diamonds - Black Panther
03.The Slickers - You Can't Win
04.Alton Ellis & The Flames - Dance Crasher
05.Bobby Aitken & The Caribbeats - Curfew
06.Norris Weir - Doctor Honey
07.Roy Shirley & Ken Boothe - Calling
08.Dennis Alcapone - Spanish Omega
09.Winston Samuels - My Bride To Be
10.Lord Brynner - Congo War
11.The Skatalites - Spred Satin
12.Owen & Leon Silveras - Running Around
13.Alton Ellis & The Flames - Blessings Of Love
14.Derrick Morgan - Court Dismiss
15.Bingy Bunny & Bongo Les - International Scout
16.Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Sentimental Reasons
17.The Immortals - Bongo Jah
18.The Skatalites - Strolling In
19.Naomi Clive - You Are Mine
20.Joe White - Rudies All Around
21.Roland Alphonso - Old Fowl Ska



00.Jingle - This is Ska!
01.The Hippy Boys - Apollo 11
02.Derrek Harriot - Answer Me My Darling
03.Alton Ellis & The Flames - Cry Tough
04.Raymond Harper & The Carib Beats - Disipline
05.The Skatalites - Sailing Along
06.The Rhythm Rulers - Mannix
07.Hugh Hendricks & The Buccaneers - Walking Trouble
08.Roland Alphonso - Bongo Tango
09.Lester Sterling, Johnnie Moore & Tommy Mccook - Settle Down
10.Don Drummond - Man in the Street
11.Roland Alphonso & Carroll Mclaughlin - Set Back (Just Cool)
12.Nora Dean - Barwire
13.Derrick Morgan - Cool Off Rudies
14.Amos Clarke - Chatty Chatty Woman
15.Amiel Moodie & The Dandemites - Ratchet Knife
16.Hayward Brice & The Baba Brooks Band - Red Gal Ring
17.Derrick Harriott - Monkey Ska
18.Bunny & Skitter - When The Well Runs Dry
19.Lascelles Perkins With Clue J & His Blues Blasters - Lonely Moments
20.Lloyd Robinsson & Glen Brown - Too Late
21.Bob Marley & The Wailers - Stir It Up
22.Ken Boothe & Stranger Cole - Arte Bella
23.Derrick Morgan - The Hop
24.Cornell Campbell - Don't Want Your Loving